Series of 3

Relaxation, Spaces and Places, Time Use and Planning

book all three as interlinked webinars/workshops

All 3 available webinars/workshops can be booked as an interlinked series of workplace wellbeing sessions.


  • Relaxation

  • Spaces and Places

  • Time use and Planning​​​

When you book the series of webinars/workshops, you will benefit from the interlinked nature of the topics. The learning from each webinar/workshop supports and furthers the learning and knowledge gained as you progress through the series.

How you spread the workshops/webinars is up to you and your timetable; you can spread them across the week, the month or even the year. You decide.


x 3 Webinars of

2 hours (including 15 minute break) Zoom session for up to 15 individuals


x 3 Workshops of

2 hours (including 15 minute break) face to face session for up to 25 individuals

Delivery available at your workplace (Leeds and surrounding area only) or at Insight Therapy Centre, Leeds, LS8 4HA