Spaces and places

How much do you think about the physical and social spaces you spend time in?
Do you notice when your surroundings are adding stress instead of offering support?

Do you know which environments help you to function at your best?

These questions and more are explored in this webinar/workshop

We all exist in a physical and social world, and we all have individual ways of processing, interpreting and interacting with our environments, yet we rarely think about how to optimise our surroundings to best support our endeavours.


This 2 hour webinar/workshop explores individual preferences, sensory processing styles and habitual interactions with both physical and social environments leading to a deeper understanding of how to recognise and optimise the ways in which your surroundings influence your health and wellbeing.

Occupational therapy recognises the dynamic interactions between person, place and activity. It recognises that sometimes we can make changes to ourselves, sometimes we make changes to the things we do and sometimes we make changes to our surroundings.


The really important thing to know is that change in one area has impact on all the other elements.

This means that if we can make positive changes to our environment, we can directly impact how we feel and how effective we feel in our everyday tasks and activities.

At this webinar/workshop, we will consider:

  • how our individual tendencies, strengths and challenges dynamically interact with our surroundings

  • how different environments are useful for different tasks and activities

  • how to use this knowledge to plan, adjust and optimise the spaces and places that we spend time in to give us the most effective support available


2 hour (including 15 minute break) Zoom session for up to 15 individuals


2 hour (including 15 minute break) face to face session for up to 25 individuals

Delivery available at your workplace (Leeds and surrounding area only) or at Insight Therapy Centre, Leeds, LS8 4HA