time use and planning

We all feel like there's not enough time in the day, but how do we actually spend our time?

Are we using our time in the best way possible?

If not, how do we make changes that work and how do we make those changes stick?

"I just need more time"

I hear this so often and, I even say it myself. But do we really need more time, or could we benefit from stopping and thinking about how we actually spend our time to enable us to see where we can make changes that will have impact on how we feel.


How much of our time use is habit and routine? automated, unconscious, dare I say robotic? By stopping and considering how we use time, we can give ourselves space to recognise what works, and what doesn't; what's habit and what's intentional.


From this position of accurate knowledge of our time use, we can assess if this is how we want our day to look, and from there, create intentional plans to make changes that have positive impact on our health and wellbeing.


This webinar/workshop is about stopping and looking at how we spend our time and then honestly assessing what works for us and where there is potential for change. I understand that this isn’t as easy as it sounds and so the webinar/workshop comes with tools to support detailed analysis of your time use and frameworks to support the planning and implementation of change.  It will offer:

  • dedicated time, structured exercises and guided conversation designed to support individuals to identify and clarify how they currently spend their time

  • structures to support analysis of what is habitual, routine and automated in order to create intentional change that is linked to values and goals

  • evidence based structures and strategies to ensure planning is realistic and sustainable in the context of everyday life

  • the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective



2 hour (including 15 minute break) Zoom session for up to 15 individuals


2 hour (including 15 minute break) face to face session for up to 25 individuals

Delivery available at your workplace (Leeds and surrounding area only) or at Insight Therapy Centre, Leeds, LS8 4HA