Working towards balance

Sometimes we all need dedicated space to stop, to think and to plan in order to make change happen. That's what this group is all about.

What's the group all about?

​Well, if you’ve had a look around the rest of the website, you’ll see that here at Shore-Up we’re all about thinking about how the things you do with your time affect how you feel and your health. This group programme is no different. It uses an occupational therapy perspective to structure thinking about how the ways you organise the routines in your life work for you.

What is it that is helpful? Which bits niggle? What do you definitely want to change?

Often when we’re busy, there is little time or space to think about these things and that’s what we offer at Working Towards Balance: time, space and structure to help you think about, plan for and actually make changes to positively impact the balance of your daily life.

How does it all work?


Working Towards Balance is an occupational therapy group programme designed to give you space to stop and think about what works in your life and what feels like it could be better. It’s not about changing you, it’s about organising your time, habits and routines to better fit your current needs and goals.



Each week we will reflect on and discuss different aspects of your activity, habits and routines. We will explore the positives, the negatives and the things we often don’t see because we’re too busy getting through the day. You will create a detailed understanding of how your daily life impacts on how you feel and develop a structured picture of where you are now and any changes you want to make in the context of your personal circumstances, lifestyle and goals.

You'll also get the benefit of the support of the group. it's important to feel connected and that you're not alone in managing the challenges of trying to balance the demands of life.

This reflective process will build into your own individual action plan based on the goals that are important to you. These goals will be developed from the focussed and conscious reflection on your experience structured by the group process and as a result  they will be individually meaningful, achievable, realistic and sustainable.


The programme will help you to better recognise your own unique barriers to change and how you can work to manage these. You will also plan for tangible and realistic measures of success to ensure you can keep track of your progress and change.


We meet weekly for 6 weeks and have a final Evaluation session 3 weeks after the sixth weekly session.

The package includes:

  • 10.5 hours of group sessions

  • Printed workbook containing all materials and resources

  • Introductory Zoom prior to the start date

  • Support telephone calls throughout the programme (if required)